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Was brought samples to my shop and loved it so much! Such quality to it! Works amazing! Cannot wait to carry the line at Earthbaby!

~Renee, Earth Baby Boutique, CA


I purchased the bundle.

I have very sensitive skin, and because the skin is our largest organ, I'm very picky what I put on it.  When I saw Allira Naturals, I was excited to try it. 

The scrub is a unique and fantastic product. All rough patches instantly gone, and is not harsh like sugar scrubs. I wanted to eat it, it smells yummy.

The lotion is hands down my favorite ever!!! All I can say is you have to try it, my skin was so soft and not oily, and the subtle smell of lavender made me feel, calm and happy.

I LOVE this line!

~Dolly, Pasadena, CA


Simply magical! I can't say enough good things about these products. My hands become very dry from frequent washing in the medical profession and I am continually impressed by the all day smoothness the lotion provides. Thank you Allira Naturals for bringing quality, wholesome, skin care to my family!

~Jessica, Valencia, CA


I really love this product its hard to find a body scrub for really sensitive skin and for people whom suffer from eczema, many scrubs contain sugar or salt and tend to irritate sensitive skin. This scrub contains gluten free oatmeal which is known for its healing properties for eczema and other skin conditions. I myself have eczema from time to time and I find this works really well on my sensitive skin. Its non-greasy yet  leaves your skin soft and nourished after the shower. This scrub can also be used on kids, they do have a kids line as well but the products are virtually the same. Allira also has an Argan Oil Body Lotion called Teeangi Body Lotion that works well for sensitive skin.


I just used this at home. It was a long day and I needed to soak. This was the perfect time to try out the NunยทYara Body Scrub and even just opening it, I felt like I was about to use something special. Very light and creamy which is a nice treat to normally abrasive scrubs that leave me a little itchy and red. This product was creamy and smooth as I rubbed it in and it had a very calming effect on me with the natural oatmeal scent. Now dry, my skin feels like I've applied some magic dry oil because at first I feel oily but then I realize there's no oil build up and my hands are completely dry, just soft, which is an interesting illusion. I'm going to follow up this fantastic natural treatment with their body lotion although I feel there is no need because my skin is so, maybe I'll wait until morning for the lotion because I can't get over how wonderfully refreshing my skin feels right now.

~ Lori Van Orsdol Carrese,