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"Allira" means daughter in the Aboriginal language, an indigenous people living off the land in the harsh Australian Outback.  Having lived with the Aborigines for a time, the founder of Allira Naturals, understands the benefits of respecting the environment and the powerful healing effects of nature's raw ingredients.  

When her daughter was born, she suffered from extremely sensitive skin that became irritated and raw with the baby bath products offered on the market. With an undergraduate degree in Health Science and a Master's degree in Environmental Health she understands the intimate connection between our environment and our health. Now a mother of two, she began to search for a healthy remedy for her daughter's eczema.  Experimenting with raw and natural ingredients, she developed a comforting bath scrub that not only gently exfoliated the dry, itchy areas, it moisturized and continued to soothe her daughter's sensitive skin long after bath time.  She then began working on a formula for a nourishing body lotion to hydrate and soften her little one's skin.  Having developed effective formulas to help her family, she now wants to share it so others can also find relief with natural, wholesome skin care products. 

Our products contain organic, minimally processed, non-GMO, ECO-CERT and COSMOS standard approved ingredients in our gentle, healing formulas.

Allira Naturals also proudly donates to the 1% for the Planet foundation, an outstanding organization dedicated to protecting and conserving our fragile and beautiful planet.  We thank you for your support when you purchase our products.